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Over the years, Racing Batteries have built up a wealth of knowledge about what battery starts what kind of engine, and how to select and best look after the battery to give you years of reliable service - see our FAQs for more details. This allows us to select the lightest battery for your needs, whether it's for racing, track day or everyday use.

If your vehicle is not listed in the main menus (and we can't list them all!) then this battery lookup table gives you an idea of which model you will need. You might be able to use a smaller & lighter battery than this if your vehicle is used only on track (road vehicles give their batteries a harder time). However, you may need a larger battery if your engine is highly tuned, if you need to start in cold weather, or if you're running total loss ignition. You may also need a bigger battery if you have a Ducati or BMW motorcycle fitted with the stock ECU.

Remember, though Racing Batteries have all the starting power you need, they can have less capacity than conventional lead acid units - but this is usually only an issue if you are running total loss.

If you contact us with your vehicle details (usage, engine, state of tune) we may be able to more accurately match a lighter battery to your requirements.

You can download our battery reference documents on the right had side for FREE all documents are in PDF format

Please use the table below to find a guide to the nearest equivalent Lithium or LightweightLead Racing Battery to your existing Lead Acid unit:

Original    Weight (KG) Lithium Weight Saving (KG)
YTX4L-BS 1.55 RBF200 0.95
YTX5L-BS 1.91 RBF200 1.31
YT7B-BS 2.68 RBF200 2.09
YTZ7S 2.09 RBF400 1.04
YTX9-BS 3.00  RBF400 1.95 
YT12A-BS 3.50  RBF400  2.45 
YTX12-BS  4.18  RBF400  3.13 
YTZ10S 3.18  RBF400  2.13 
YTX14-BS 4.41  RBF400  3.36 
YT14-BBS  5.36  RBF400  4.31
YT12B-BS  4.09 RBF400  3.04
YTZ14S  3.91  RBF800  1.96 
YTX14H-BS  4.82  RBF800 2.87 
YTX20H-BS 6.86  RBF800  4.91 
Hawker 25  7.00  RBF800  5.05 
Hawker 30  10.60  RBF1200  7.60 
Hawker 35  10.70  RBF1200  6.95 
Hawker 40  14.90  RBF1200  11.15 

Please note that this data is only for guidance and we cannot guarantee that this will lead to the right fitment in every case (there are just too many variables).


Special Online Enquiry Forms

Race and track vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them are different. What's more, Racing Batteries range is always growing, so selecting the right battery for your vehicle can sometimes be difficult. So we have created this online enquiry service to help us give you the best advice possible. Please select what you wish the battery to perform from the two below options. You will then be directed to an online questionnaire and when you've filled it in we will be able to advise you via email or telephone which Racing Battery best suits your requirements.

We do our best to answer all online enquires within 48 hours.

Please click on either A or B below to continue.

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