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warrantyWe offer a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. We cannot and do not offer any warranty for product that has not been used and maintained in accordance with our instructions.

Racing Batteries are designed for use on the track, where they see a very different duty cycle than a road vehicles battery is designed for. That said, they'll work just fine on the road so long as you operate them in accordance with our instructions.

Don't let your Racing Battery get discharged below 8V, for example by leaving the headlights on with the engine off or by allowing an alarm to drain the battery below 8V. Don't assume the ignition key isolates the battery - often it doesn't, and the ECU, clock, immobilser etc can keep pulling current which will flatten your battety. Don't leave them connected to a charger unless you're sure that it has an automatic zero current maintenance mode like the Optimate Lithium - our recommended charger, and don't charge them over 14.4V - a faulty charger or regulator/rectifer can do this.

We can and do control the quality of our parts and the quality of our labour. We can’t control how you use the battery – whether you keep it within voltage limits, cycle it properly, or even if your vehicle's electrical system is working properly! We also can’t be responsible for any problems you have for any electrical issues you might have after you’ve fitted your Racing Battery (what our lawyers call “Consequential Damages”).

What we can do is offer you the best customer service possible – if you have any problems at all with your Racing Battery, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to get it sorted.

We reserve the right to test any batteries returned to determine whether they have been used and maintained in accordance with our detailed instructions.

If we find that the battery has not been used and maintained in accordance with our instructions, then we will be unable to offer warranty cover - sorry.

To make claim under our manufacturing warranty, proof of purchase must be presented, showing the date of purchase.

The Warranty does not cover shipping damage, cracked covers, cracked cases, freezing or explosion, discharged batteries, the use of undersized batteries or damage by electrical equipment. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects.

Racing Batteries makes no warranty with respect to its batteries other than the warranty stated above. All implied warranties of merchantability and all expressed and implied warranties of any other kind are hereby excluded.

Delivery Timescales

We will desatch any orders within 5 working days. If we cannot meet this timescale we will contact you, let you know the expected timescale and offer a full refund if this is unacceptable.

Cancellations & Refunds

If having placed an order you wish to cancel, please contact us immediately and we will offer you a full refund. If we recieve your request to cancel an order after we have desatched product, we will ask you to return the product to us, and providing it is recieved in merchantable condition within 5 working days then we will refund your purchase price less our shipping costs.

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